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BT-Betontechnik GmbH
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Industrial Areas Projects

Transhipment Terminal Harbour Minden

In Summer 2013 BT Beton - Technik was commissioned to construct a new industrial area in Minden harbor. Customer Rhein Umschlag and company Gebrüder Lücken received 3,600 square meters of concrete pavement including base layer and simple drainage system.

Track Access Road to Ammunition Depot Schneeberg

BT Beton-Technik GmbH was awarded with contract to produce a concrete pavement of a new access track road to the ammunition depot Schneeberg in Spring 2013.


  • Renting of mashinery
  • Motorway and Road Construction
  • Concrete Airfield pavements
  • Construction of Industrial areas
  • Concrete Production
  • Consulting Services for Clients and Designers